A place where love never hides -

The blood of my ancestors runs through my veins.
My blood is their blood. 
A history of pain. A history of pride. 
My future is their past. Destined to repeat. 
Destined to redeem our bloodline. 
Lifetime after lifetime.
Spiritual redemption is our greatest gift. 
Our glorious bronze skin glows with purity of clean hearts. 
Our flesh, scarred and battered, are badges of honor to my people.
We are proud warriors. We will not yield to our enemies. 
We battle injustices and seek deliverance. 
We stand at the edge of a forgotten land. 
Descendants of a powerful legacy.
Our redemption is coming; it is coming with a vengeance. 
The beating of our drums represents the rhythm of our hearts. 
We dance to honor life. Colorful feathers swirling in the air. 
We dance around the fire, bare feet edging closer to the flames.
Drumbeats pulsating with fervor from our rage. 
Warrior cries pierce the air.
We dance for our people. 
The people of this land massacred by voracity. 
The spirits of my ancestors rise from the dead. 
The immortals celebrate with glory. 
They honor me tonight as I give my soul to the Great One. 
Calling in the animal spirits of the totem. 
Owls, with your wisdom, give my people the knowledge that we seek.
Eagles, with eyes of clarity, give us sight beyond our visions.
Cheetah, with your speed, guide our arrows to pierce the hearts of our enemies.
Boars, with your tenacity, help us stand our ground in the face of extinction.
Hear me for those who believe in my power. 
In the power of my people, my ancestors, and of my bleeding heart. 
I stand in the fire dancing in a blaze of glory. 
I cannot die for my soul, my spirit, my being, has become immortal. 
I am the flesh of my ancestors. Indigenous. 
My blood is their blood. 
A history of massacre. 
A history of sacrifice.
We will not be forgotten. 
Our story was destined. 
It is one of vengeance. It is one of victory. 
I am the last warrior. The last in our totem of warfare.
I rise from the ashes. A phoenix reborn from pain and pride. 
Wings of fire and wrath. 
Redemption has begun. 
I am eternal. 
I am eternal. 
I am eternal.